Vinny DePonto is a modern day mentalist and theatre artist with a undying love for the mysterious. In 2011, at age 24, Vinny was featured on the cover of 914 Inc. Magazine and named one of the most successful young entrepreneurs under 30. The New York Times has said, “What distinguishes the good magician from the great is the rigor of execution and quality of artistry. Mr. DePonto’s craftsmanship consistently impresses” and the New York Daily News calls DePonto's one-man performance "Breathtaking." In addition to his live performances, DePonto also consults for television, film, and theater projects that require the use of practical effects, psychological illusions and modern trickery. He enjoys the aroma of antique shops, colorful socks, and your deep, dark secrets. 

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. 



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