It's the same WORK PARTY every year:

✔ The CEO makes a speech
✔ Drinks are poured
✔ Food is served
✔ You awkwardly chat with co-workers until you run out of things to complain about

Ready for a change? Invite a Secret guest...


Let mentalist Vinny DePonto secretly mingle amongst your guests, blending in with the crowd... until strange things start to occur. Watch your guests laugh and scream with delight as he:

  • Reveals PIN codes and private thoughts

  • Duplicates mental images

  • Sees without the use of his eyes

  • And other impossible mental feats

It's a fresh experience worthy of this generation's drawing room crowd. Even the skeptical ones...  



See why over 100 companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, Smythson, and PepsiCo all trust
Mr. DePonto's unique approach to engage and wow their guests. 


To find out more get in touch 
or request his availability for your party. 




What can I expect from inviting Vinny to my company's holiday party?

This form of entertainment is immersive - which means it can be added to any event and is the perfect ice breaker & social stimulus without interrupting the "main event." Expect your employees to be buzzing about the mysterious guest mingling amongst them. 

Why should I invite a Mentalist?

Because your employees deserve something special and unexpected. Your company is unique and it's entertainment should reflect that. 

My company is small - does the amount of people matter?

Whether its 50 or 500 guests this show is suitable for all event sizes.


Recent audience Twitter reviews of Vinny's Off Broadway show Charlatan at Ars Nova Theater.