Mark Twain


Photos by  Ben Arons

Photos by Ben Arons

Nearly a year and a half has past since I set out to answer one question -  "Why do we lie?" Sparked by reading Mark Twain's essay On the Decay of the Art of Lying, I spent the next several months trying to uncover the truth about dishonesty. From it's necessities to it's origins I became obsessed with the many ways we lie to ourselves everyday. What came from the culmination of that research was my show Charlatan. 

We first opened the show in September as a part of a residency at Ars Nova theater. We played for three nights to sold out houses. Soon after we opened for a full 4 week run and 25 sold out shows! The response has truly been overwhelming! You can read several of the reviews on my Acts page.

Lying often has a negative connotation. But we all do it. As author Etgar Keret says:

A lie is like a knife. If you use a knife to stab somebody, it’s wrong. If you use a knife to put some butter on your bread, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The team of my "one-man" show!

We all do. We deceive ourselves far more often than we think. That's not always a bad thing. But the biggest lie of all is telling ourselves that we don't do it.  And the biggest lie I could tell you is that the immense success of Charlatan can be solely attributed to me. The truth is I worked with a wonderfully talented team who I am massively indebted to. They are, truly, a group of very talented people with whom none of this would have been possible without.  

Lastly a huge thanks to those who came out the shows and confessed your truths to me. It's been an incredible ride. Can't wait for you to see what's next...